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Mid Wales Hypnotherapy

Paul Thomas MWFH; MBAThH; MSHA... Therapy rooms in Aberystwyth; Machynlleth; Llanidloes; & Borth

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  • Over Eating
  • Stress Eating
  • Excess Eating
  • Boredom Eating
  • Night Eating
  • Sleep Eating
  • Yo-yo Dieting
  • Obsessive Dieting



What is involved?


 During your weight management course I will help you


During hypnosis, suggestions

will be introduced to


  • Improve your confidence & self esteem
  • Enhance the appeal of healthy and nutritious foods
  • Develop lifestyle changes, including exercise
  • Minimize the importance of food related to the way you feel

  • Weight Loss
  • Weight Gain
  • Weight Management
  • Exercise
  • Nutrition
  • Motivation
  • Body Image
  • Eating Disorders






Although there are many weight management issues for which people visit a hypnotherapist, most of those people just want to

lose weight...

Hypnosis allows us to reprogram the mind and facilitate behavioural change.

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Obviously we can't just wave a magic wand and change things over night. To encourage your commitment to your weight management course I offer a substantial reduction for a block booking of six sessions at your initial consultation.

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