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Paul Thomas MWFH; MBAThH; MSHA... Therapy rooms in Aberystwyth; Machynlleth; Llanidloes; & Borth

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   The way that true 'Social Anxiety Disorder' usually develops is that, for whatever reason, an individual feels that they lack the energy, or the skills, to deal with any kind of social situations; from weddings to having to stand with the other parents when picking the kids up from school.
This creates anticipatory anxiety. 

   If not properly managed, anticipatory anxiety can lead to full-blown panic in the event, which can then create a deep subconscious 'imprint'. In this way, the individual learns to genuinely fear the circumstances in which the panic attack occurred.
   Typically, where the problem has developed to this extent, the sufferer will go in for avoidance, which, of course, reinforces the anxiety.
In other words, the problem becomes
Many people suffer from some form of social anxiety at some time in their lives.
        Most people will have experienced that sinking feeling that an ill-timed invitation to a social function can induce. Unable to think of a good excuse not to go, they often find that they end up having a good time.
        If you really don't feel like socialising, for whatever reason, it can be difficult to maintain the required poise or keep your desired reputation intact. But most people manage to cope with this kind of anxiety, simply heaving a sigh of relief when it's all over.
Social Phobia, or
'Social Anxiety Disorder',
is quite different.
   The problem takes on the features of a phobia. However, it is more complex than most 'specific' phobias because, if we simply work to remove the subconscious imprinting, the sufferer is highly likely to go off and re-imprint.
A thorough initial consultation will reveal the underlying psychological dynamics that have been causing the anxiety about social situations, and we'll work on those issues before we go on to clear away the phobic imprinting... for good!