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Mid Wales Hypnotherapy

Paul Thomas MWFH; MBAThH; MSHA... Therapy rooms in Aberystwyth; Machynlleth; Llanidloes; & Borth

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reprogram your mind and facilitate rapid behavioural change
People can have phobias about anything and
most phobias work in exactly the same way...

                                                                                                                    .... but not all (see* in the 'Top 10' table below)

What is involved in the phobia treatment?                                       
     As with all clients that I see, we'll start with an initial consultation, which involves
  • answering any questions that you may have
  • identifying the exact nature of the problem
  • discovering exactly what you want to achieve
      Sometimes we need to uncover the origin of a phobia, but, often this is not necessary.
      To learn more about what to expect at your hypnotherapy session please
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 Rational Fear  ( Feel the fear and DON'T do it... )

     Fear is a very basic emotion which all normal, healthy people have in common.
     It's a good idea to be wary of certain animals, and to be careful around fire, electricity or fast flowing, deep water. It makes good sense to avoid certain places or certain activities in certain weather conditions.
     Paying attention to our rational fears can be fundamental to our survival.

Irrational Fear  ( Feel the fear and wish you didn't... )

      A phobia is an irrational fear which no-one needs to put up with. Far from serving any useful purpose, this kind of fear can have an enormous impact on a person's life, affecting day-to-day decisions and severely limiting personal freedom.
     If you are one of the millions of people who suffer in this way, you don't need anyone to tell you how restrictive phobias can be. You may have tried facing up to them in the past, but unless you were successful you probably now have what is called a strategy of avoidance.
     In effect, this means that you will do anything to avoid being confronted by the thing, event or situation that your particular phobia is associated with.

     If the situation cannot be avoided for some reason, the reaction can be similar to the onset of a
  panic attack... 

     You know logically that your fear is out of proportion. You know intellectually that what you fear will probably never happen. But none of that can stop the feeling of panic that comes over you. You can feel anxious, nervous, your heart feels like its beating faster, you may feel hot and even break out in a sweat... and all you want to do is run away...
      Logic cannot help you because this behaviour, this reaction, is outside of your conscious control. 

                     It's rooted in your subconscious...


                                    Which is why hypnotherapy is particularly successfully in helping people to be free of phobias.



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