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Paul Thomas MWFH; MBAThH; MSHA... Therapy rooms in Aberystwyth; Machynlleth; Llanidloes; & Borth

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Anxiety is generally considered to be a normal reaction to certain stressors in our lives.

However, continued anxiety can make life seem like very hard work.

And, when it begins to limit you, or overwhelm you, it's time to do something about it.


Panic is an anxiety disorder which may be characterised by severe 'panic attacks'.


You can feel a lot better as soon as you understand
exactly how this problem works - especially when you realise that

you are in control of the process


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What are Panic Attacks?

     'Panic attacks' stem from a series of perfectly natural physiological functions that everyone's brain is programmed to trigger under certain circumstances, in order to 'save your life' ...

     Imagine for a moment the extreme conditions that our distant ancestors coped with. In the wild, of course, it makes perfect sense that the slightest noise or feeling can almost instantly flood the body with just the right hormones to enable a person to dive for cover or run like the wind, or to fight tooth and nail.
     We call this the ‘fight or flight’ response, for obvious reasons, and for over a hundred thousand years, this amazing ability kept our ancestors alive.
 Okay, but why am I getting Panic Attacks?

    In the modern, 'civilised' world, we’re not usually under those kinds of threats. However, in trying to cope with the complexity of modern life, the subconscious can perceive other kinds of threats. 
    Although they may not be a direct threat to our survival in the here and now, these perceived threats can sometimes trigger those exact same hormones.

    The conscious mind senses the physiological changes that these hormones set off; maybe a rush of energy, which can cause the body to tremble, for instance, or give you a knot in your stomach; and the conscious mind starts to feel anxious about the fact that you seem to be losing control… especially if it’s in a public place…

And this anxiety, of course, then adds to the problem, sending yet more of those same hormones into the body… and your heart rate increases, because the subconscious is thinking



right, we need to do something now to deal with whatever is causing this anxiety’…

...this diverts blood from the skin surface so that it can fill the major organs to give you the extra power that it thinks you might need, which is why people can go deathly pale.

   And this, in turn, can mean that other people begin to notice that something’s wrong with you, and you can start thinking ‘Oh, no! Everyone’s staring at me!’ which creates yet more anxiety, which, again, adds to the problem... 
                   ...until you’re in full-blown panic mode, with no obvious reason for it.

But it all seems to happen so quickly...
     It can seem as if this process is completely out of your control, and once it's happened, it can be a lot easier for it to happen again; because the conscious mind is already anxious about the possibility of it happening.  


 You may have heard that old saying

there’s nothing to fear but fear itself'

… this is how it can get for people suffering with panic attacks;
the fear of having one can actually cause it to happen.


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How can hypnotherapy help?  

            In hypnosis, with the body and the mind completely relaxed, we can find out what has been causing the anxiety, or whatever it was that triggered the sequence of changes that caused you to panic.

          Then we can change your response so that this sequence is never set off in the first place… to give you the chance to have a look round and see that there’s nothing happening right at this moment that you need to be worrying about.
                     So you can just get on with yo
ur life...