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Mid Wales Hypnotherapy

Paul Thomas MWFH; MBAThH; MSHA... Therapy rooms in Aberystwyth; Machynlleth; Llanidloes; & Borth

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We've been told it's good to push ourselves out of our comfort zone, and I'm sure that we all understand this idea. But I've noticed that many people just aren't making themselves comfortable enough!

In much the same way that we can have difficulty allowing ourselves to take a necessary break, we sometimes seem to have trouble pausing just to get ourselves more comfortable, when focused on a task.

For many of us, early training usually incorporated a doctrine of 'waiting until the end of the lesson', or at least reaching a certain point in a task, before we were allowed even to go to the toilet.

This programming stays with us, so that, when we are 'busy', we might decide, unconsciously, that we can safely ignore signals that our body sends to our brain regarding some need or other.

Whether it's stopping to adjust our temperature or posture; to have some refreshment, or simply to relieve ourselves; we can sometimes overlook our physical comfort in order to get on with what we're doing. Even with our body becoming increasingly tense, many of us will to continue to disregard these type of needs.

This neglect can impact on our mental state; actually affecting the kind of thoughts we're having. If we already have negative scripts about our lives, we might easily begin to allow the tension we're generating to feed into one of these stories, provoking a resentful, victim mindset. We might start to get anxious or even begin to catastrophise about our general circumstances.

Next time you notice yourself succumbing to negative thoughts whilst trying to accomplish some task or other, ask yourself how comfortable you are. You might simply need to reset your breathing pattern, have a mouthful of water, put on, or take off a layer of clothing.