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Paul Thomas MWFH; MBAThH; MSHA... Therapy rooms in Aberystwyth; Machynlleth; Llanidloes; & Borth

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                 Most phobias are the result, initially, of a single traumatic experience 'imprinted' in the
     subconscious, usually in early childhood, involving a particular stimulus.
             These can be called Specific Phobias.
             Some phobias are more complex because of certain underlying dynamics that must be
     addressed before the therapist can work with the subconscious 'imprinting'.

However, although they are more complex in nature, this does not mean that they are
     problematic in terms of resolving the issue. It simply means that we may need to spend a bit
     more time working together...


  In the case of Social Phobia, also known as Social Anxiety Disorder , the underlying dynamics are usually psychological in nature.

       In the case of
Agoraphobia, the underlying dynamics can be physiological in nature.

       In both cases, these underlying dynamics will need to be properly resolved before work begins on the traumatic imprinting. Otherwise, the individual seeking help would almost certainly reimprint soon after treatment. In other words, the problem would fire up again.


Generalised Phobias

Sometimes a Specific Phobia will generalise slightly, so that an individual who has a phobia of blood, for example, will also react to the colour red. In the same way, someone whose initial trauma involved a spider (arachnophobia) can develop a phobia of all creepy crawlies (entomophobia).

         But, even in these cases, once the initial traumatic imprint has been relieved, the problem is solved.

        A thorough initial consultation will reveal all the underlying dynamics that are driving individual concerns.

      In some cases, I may suggest that you see your GP or a relevant specialist before continuing with hypnotherapy.