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          Agoraphobia is the most complex and involved of all the phobias because the underlying dynamics can vary massively. However, a thorough initial consultation will reveal what is driving the problem and whether we are dealing with true agoraphobia or simply ‘agoraphobic difficulties’.
      After this, treatment is generally very straightforward.
'Agoraphobia' literally means 'fear of the market place'

  Typically, the problem begins when an individual suffering with underlying stress or anxiety begins to feel very uneasy, or perhaps has a panic attack, in a given situation away from their home. This person subsequently finds that they feel anxious about the idea of putting themselves in that situation again. This anxiety then causes the person to avoid other situations outside the home...
...and so the problem becomes self-perpetuating...
 Physiological or developmental issues can
          be factors in the occurrence of
                      true agoraphobia. 

     Any problem that has a destabilising effect on the sensory processing apparatus of the brain can trigger stress hormones which can lead to panic attacks. This can often then lead to a feeling of anxiety about leaving the safety of the home.
      Ear infections, which affect the sense of balance, and any problems with the eyes, spatial awareness or depth perception might lead to stress hormones being triggered.

       An initial consultation will reveal whether any underlying physiological dynamics are involved in the problem. If they are, then I will suggest that you visit your GP or a relevant specialist before attempting to work with the psychological component.
 'Agoraphobic difficulties'

      Where the initial underlying stress or anxiety is psychological, the individual can be said to have developed 'agoraphobic difficulties'.

      Although I always give individual clients just the amount of support that they need, a client who has developed agoraphobic difficulties will usually need a further 3 to 5 sessions after the initial consultation.